School Year YR12 &13 (LIMITED U19 PLACES)– SEPT 2018

Following an Outstanding Season in 17/18 in the Timperley and District Junior Football League Premier League. Bandits Competed in Fully Competitive Leagues. The team has Shined, Smiled and developed Beautifully, Competing against 54 teams across Timperley, Altrincham, Sale, Urmston To Name a Few.

The teams Play Weekly competitive Games Within the Beautiful Grounds of Lymm High School or away at Opponents grounds in areas of Altrincham, Timperley, Sale, Strefford, Urmston to Name a few. With a Few Cup and Tournament competitions thrown in. It’s a Full, Flexible Packed Year.

Coached by Fa And UEFA Licensed Coaches during week sessions (DAY For 18/19 Season to be confirmed).

11v11 (MAX SQUAD SIZE 16).


Development of Players is at the HEART OF THE CLUB PHILOSOPHY. Our Focus will be to Plan , Deliver appropriate and Progressive sessions with enjoyment and Development of Players. As Our Club DNA (Found in our Parent Handbook) We will focus our coaching and coach development around three key areas of the game: In Possession (attacking), Out of Possession (Defending), Transitions (into and out of possession)

We will always allow Players to Play with Freedom and Confidence to express themselves through Positive Re enforcement.

*Every Member of Lymm Rovers Jfc Hold a Minimum CRC, SAFEGUARDING IN CHILDREN, FIRST AID, FA Coaching Badge. Every Coach Carriers a Id Badge, Please feel free to ask to see.

Contact: Carla Parker , Mike Dore